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Professional Diploma in Conference Interpreting (PDCI, 2-year full-time program)

Conference interpreting is a highly skilled profession. Only those who undertake a rigorous training program will be able to meet the required standard.

We at GIIT pride ourselves on our ability to train students to attain that standard. Founded in 2003, our school has become a reference point for interpreter training in Asia.

All our teachers are practicing professional interpreters and our facilities are top quality. We cooperate with international institutions such as the European Commission’s DG Interpretation and the UN to ensure the highest teaching standards and the most thorough pedagogical approach. Ours is the only school in Asia to have been awarded the highest ranking by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC).

Besides an excellent command of their working languages, candidates for GIIT’s Conference Interpreting course must show a broad knowledge base, the enthusiasm to learn and a flexible mindset.

Each year, GIIT recruits around 10 students to the program. Those who pass the mid-point exam will have an internship in the UN or EU before graduating. More information can be found at giit.shisu.edu.cn