Huang Xiean

Associate professor, Ph. D. in English Literature, GIIT, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU)

Education background

• 1994-1997, College of English Language and Literature, SISU, graduating with BA in English literature

• 2001-2003, College of English Language and Literature, SISU, graduating with Ph. D. in English literature

Work experience

• 1997 – 2008, College of English Language and Literature, SISU

• 2008 – today, GIIT, SISU

Teaching responsibilities

• C - E Translation for MT Students

• English-Chinese Bilingual Translation for MI Students

• Translation for Business Purposes

Translation experience: A Partial List

1998 to today MBA and EMBA course materials of CEIBS

2001 Bid documents for Expo 2010

2004 Application documents for registration of Expo 2010

2005 “Our Action” – GE CSR Report

2006 Participation Guides of Expo 2010

2007 11th Five-year Plan of Shanghai

2011 12th Five-Year Plan of Shanghai

2008 China Energy White Paper

2008 The Greatest War Stories Never Told

2009-2011 DSM Sustainability Report (3P Report)

2011 NMC Horizon Report

2011 China Service Outsourcing Report

2011 Chine Overseas Investment Report

2009 The Invisible Man (A Novel by H. G. Wells)

2010 The Aspern Papers (A Novel by Henry James)

2011 While Mortals Sleep (Stories by Kurt Vonnegut)

2012 Beauties of the Forest, Wenhui Press

2013 The Huawei Story, Sage Publications

2014 Mastering the Hype Cycle, CITIC Publishing House

2015 Ten Mega-trends in the Digital Age, Jiao Tong University Press