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Translation Studies

As the first academic institution in the Chinese Mainland to offer PhD and MA programs in Translation Studies, GIIT’s Department of Translation Studies has made pioneering contributions to the academic and disciplinary development of translation studies in China.

The Department is mandated to train PhD and MA candidates to be translation and interpretation researchers and educators with both advanced theoretical knowledge and professional skills. The programs offered include Translation Theory, Medio-translatology, Interpretation Theory, and Translation and Interpretation Pedagogical Research.

The PhD curriculum consists of core courses such as Interpretation Theory and Studies, Interpretation Studies from an International Perspective, Translation Theory and Teaching, Contemporary Western Translation Theory, and Translation Study Methodologies. Core subjects for the MA program include core courses such as Introduction to Translation Studies, History of Translation in the West, History of Translation in China, Contemporary Translation Studies in the West, Contemporary Translation Studies in China, Interpretation Theory and Practice, Literary Translation, and MA Thesis Writing.

The faculty comprises full-time professors, visiting and adjunct professors from other countries, all of whom are renowned experts in translation studies. Following GIIT’s accession to CIUTI in 2009, the Department of Translation Studies has benefited from a larger international platform for enhanced exchange and cooperation in translation education and academic research.

The Department has conducted a series of academic research projects focused on studies of interpretation and translation, medio-translatology and translation discipline development, which are sponsored and funded by the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. It has published 15 academic books, including translated and edited works, five textbooks, and a large number of academic articles for leading journals in China.