Forthcoming events: October 22nd to November 1st 2018


"Artificial Intelligence and Multilingual Natural Language Understanding" Dr. F. Massion, 2018

Course description:

Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in a growing number of industries, organizations and governmental agencies. It is already integrated in several technologies used by translators and interpreters and offers them new professional opportunities.

Target public:

The course is designed for Master T&I students and gives them an overview of key theoretical and practical aspects of AI in connection with multilingual Natural Language Understanding and T&I studies. Topics covered include: modelling of natural language for computers, knowledge representation, knowledge mining, and multilingual knowledge-based AI applications.


Dr. François Massion: Director of Dokumentation ohne Grenzen, a company specializing in translation and localization services in Germany. He has a teaching assignment in translation technologies at the German Department of the BFSU University in Beijing. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the DIT (Deutsches Institut für Terminologie).