“Knowledge of the whole needs knowledge of its parts, which in turn need knowledge of the whole” (Blaise PASCAL)

Language and T&I play a fundamental role in any of the disciplines taught at university level and can hence function as a major player in an interdisciplinary approach. Interdisciplinarity today becomes a must in education since it is based on the possibility to conceive all that links the different subjects together, as well as the aptitude to contextualize and to globalize knowledge.

With T&I, interdisciplinarity aims not only at opening the barriers between the disciplines, but also transforming what creates those barriers, i.e. the principles which structure knowledge.

Multi-facetted and multilingual education has always helped to improve the finding of creative solutions. After a long period of specialization, it is now time to bridge the gap between disciplines.

Our aims:

Key Topics for International Symposium 2016

Dr. JIANG Feng Party Secretary and Chairman of the University Board
Mr. Pascal Marmier CEO Swissnex China Vice Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai
Prof. Li Zhengren Chief, Interpretation Service, UNOG
Prof. Dr. Hannelore Lee-Jahnke Co-Chair, Interdisciplinary Research Center, GIIT, SISU
Prof. Dr. Zhang Xiaoling Director, University of Nottingham
Prof. Dr. Jean-Marie Annoni Dean, Neurology Faculty Department of Medicine, University of Fribourg
Dr. François Massion Director, DokumentationohneGrenzen GmbH
Prof. Dr. Bernard Morard Dean, Faculty of Economic & Social Sciences, University of Geneva
Prof. Dr. Martin Forstner Former Secretary-general, CIUTI